Michael Scanlon, DPM, ATC
Karla Scanlon, DPM
Karla Scanlon, DPM
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What Makes Us Unique?

You will receive foot care from a uniquely comprehensive diagnostic perspective.

Because you are a whole person, you can rest assured we will look at the big picture when co-planning your treatment. Rather than fixing isolated problems, you can expect us to look at the whole foot and all of the factors involved that may have resulted in its current condition. Exploration and planning play a crucial role in truly successful, long-term foot solutions.

You are entitled to the best modern medicine we can offer.

You can expect a commitment of excellence from us, as it is our driving passion. Know that we will never compromise the quality of medicine we strive to deliver.

You can expect us to be generous with our time and spirit.

Time, empathy and trust are the seeds for growing healthy, long-lasting relationships. You can count on us listening to your concerns and having your initial visits designed to devoting time to learning about you. Hearing what is important to you is of the utmost importance to us.

You are the choice-maker.

You can and will make the best decisions for yourself, when given the tools, information and opportunity. Your health goals will dominate our discussions. Your understanding of your feet will be included in our plan for you. You will be empowered to impact your own foot health through your own choices and actions.

If you are not happy with your feet, then neither are we.

You can expect a high level of integrity and pride delivered in the field of podiatric medicine and surgery you can receive. Well-designed and exquisitely executed plan of podiatric medicine and surgery can work well, feel great and last a long time.